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Thread: [Advanced]Hinge Overtravel Set Screw [how to]

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    Post [Advanced]Hinge Overtravel Set Screw [how to]

    Hey guys, i finished a project today so i thought that i would do a little write up on it.


    Installed an overtravel set screw into my WGP hinge frame. as well as gun koted the frame.


    drill press (optional, but recommended)
    drill bit (#35 or .1100")
    6/32 tap
    1/8" punch
    various allen wrenches
    center punch
    hammer (ball peen, small)
    various sises of wood blocks (for center punching/ drilling)


    1. first off you need to remove the hinge frame from your marker, if it is not already done so. Do this by removing the two allen screws that hold the frame to the body of the marker. then i like to depress the trigger, then slide the frame to the left, removing it from the body and the timing rod.

    2. second, you need to remove the trigger from the frame. this may or may not require complete disassembly of the frame, but i did. there are two set screws holding pins in the frame, one is accessible from the top of the frame, and the other is buried in the trigger.

    the first thing i removed was the safety, this i did by pushing it out as though you were putting the safety on. there is an extremely small ball detent and spring that holds it in. DO NOT LOSE THIS. or you can just leave your safety off if you do.

    then i removed the sear by loosening the set screw in the top of the frame. then i believe i used a 1/8" punch to drive the pin out. the next size smaller punch would have been a little better, but it was all i had access to. after you remove the sear, you can remove the spring below it. put all of these pieces in the safe spot you put your ball detent and spring in, unless you lost them. in that case you wouldn't want them in that spot.

    after you remove the sear, then you need to loosen the set screw in the hinge trigger. after doing this you can use your punch to drive out the pin that holds the trigger in. then the trigger should slide out of the top, and you can remove the last spring.

    note that both pins have detents in them that the set screws need to align with in order to properly reinstall them.

    now that you have disassembled your hinge, you can move on to the fun part, marking, punching, drilling, and tapping the soon to be threaded hole for the OSS.

    3. first you need to get out your calipers, and find the overall width of the trigger. then you need to divide that number by two, giving you the half width of the trigger. use your calipers to scribe a center line down the middle of the back side of the trigger, towards the top (or wherever you decide, there is more meat at the top, and shorter distance between the trigger and the frame)

    4. next you need your center punch and small hammer. after you have carefully decided where to punch your center mark, do so.

    5. now you need to move over to the drill press, i drilled mine with my dads help, due to me needing an extra set of hands. (no vise) i held, he move the drill head. to align the drill bit in the proper position, we moved the table up on the press to leave about an 1/8th in. gap between the drill bit and the trigger. (Note: block of wood was below the trigger to align it square to the drill bit) then we lowered the drill head down onto the trigger center mark, then turned on the drill press while holding the bit onto the trigger, thus aligning the trigger to the drill bit. then drill hole.

    6. now you are going to need the counter sink. if you want use this to clean up the edges of the hole you just drilled. then you need your tap. carefully start the tap, then continue tapping the entire hole. do this SLOWLY, go about 1/4 to 1/2 turn at a time, then go backwards a little bit to clean out the tap. when you have finished this, you can start reassembly. just follow the steps in the opposite order.


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    Hinge trick

    Sounds good but.......... Is't there a adjusting screw inside the frame???? all of my hinge tirgger have it. Just remove the grips and near the top you will see a small hole. This hole has a adjustment screw inside. It limits the downward trave of the sear.... inturn limiting the triggers back travel.

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