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Thread: Broken bits?

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    Broken bits?


    Am always thinking about weak spots and failure points, and sometimes weird questions pop up.

    Here are two:

    1. Regarding specifically the old right (or left) feed bodies: I've seen lots of nicks, dings, and dents, but never heard of anyone breaking a feedneck on one of these.

    Presumably it has happened at some point, but I'm guessing it was rare if it did happen.

    2. Second, how frequently was it the case that pneumatics got wrecked when taking bad dives and the like? You watch old game footage and see the abuse these things went through and it's a wonder people weren't taking them off with high frequency.

    So long-short, how common were either of these?

    Thanks very kindly!
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    I don't really see pneus getting damaged from bad dives... Both the reg and barrel are going to protect them from getting tweaked. That said, I have had a customer's gun (with the customer present > ) fall off a table and bent a ram. Was able to get a new ram base and fixed it, but still pretty embarrassing.

    I've owned a couple R/F bodies that had dents in the feedneck, but that's about it. I would assume that you wouldn't really see a broken feedneck from regular use, since the elbow would fracture long before and absorb all the energy of an impact. I've heard of it happening with metal elbows, but outside of that I don't see it happening.
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    The feed tube projects into the body pretty far, is supported by the body, and sight rail, and is anoed in place, so it's pretty tough to get them to come out by accident. Hell, they can be pretty difficult to remove on purpose too. The most common damage I saw from dives/playing was stripped grip frame screws, when the player took a fall onto the gun., not taking any work, but the articles are still there.

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    I've collected pictures of damaged front-end pneumatics over the years but most of them were reportably caused by shipping (where the barrel wasn't installed). One thing I've seen is banjo screws snapping if they're too weak around the ports, but that's a hard thing to narrow down to whether it was user error, bad materials, too weak of a design, etc.
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    Thank you all!

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