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Thread: Status: Styn Valve

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    Apr 2018
    I know covid has probably made it hard to work on a side project, but is this still moving along

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    May 2012
    So sorry for being MIA.
    I was locked out of CC and couldn't get in anymore and was unable to reset my password.
    I couldn't remember my password and found that during my last password change I let my browser make a password and it somehow didn't save it.
    Long story short I found my randomly generated password today lol

    Anyway this project is still underway.
    The magnetic clutch system needs to be reworked because the part I made was way to small and demagnetised the magnets by acidentally touching them with a soldering iron.
    I am making the coupler a lot bigger now so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Unfortunately I still have not been able to test the valve again since the latest update but it looks promising.
    Will ge a test done hopefully this weekend.

    I made a new front 5 way solenoid as well which will be tested soon and the Board is also alomost complete.

    My priorities are:

    Front solenoid valve
    Instant pro player just add paint!

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    Feb 2012
    Keep kickin its ass man.
    Still looking forward to it.

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