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Thread: Bad Boyz Toyz/ Shoctech Westwood Two-Scoop FS/T

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    Bad Boyz Toyz/ Shoctech Westwood Two-Scoop FS/T

    What's up, guys. Looking to sell my BBT Westwood today. Unfortunately, we got caught in some lingering COVID BS so I will be looking to move this for some short-term help. With that said, I am in no means rushing to let this go. I have plenty others if this doesn't hit the asking digit.

    Two Scoop OG Westwood in the classic BBT Splash. This piece comes with a boatload of extras as well:

    Westwood in good mechanical and physical condition (especially for the age)
    OG hinge, dovetail ASA, beavertail, shroud and SS boomy - which has been freak bored, and AA unireg

    Also includes the following:
    Anno matched gunfighter frame
    Anno matched ST on/off with rail
    Anno matched T-stock (not sure if this was factory or not, honestly)
    Anno matched ST beavertail
    Anno Matched UL tip
    Another Anno matching barrel
    Gloss Black Sconi freak-ready back
    .679 insert
    Exalt XL case

    This is one hell of a package, one rare gat, and one hard-a$$ marker to find for sale. My price reflects that.

    $5,150 shipped/feed
    The only trade(s) I'm considering at this time is a Twister CS2 and a boatload of money or a Heritage Twister CS2 and yes, a boatload of money.

    Please note, in one pic, the front of the body looks teal but it's just the lighting. The marker base is blue.

    Please PM me with any questions! Thanks!

    [IMG] [/IMG]

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    Wow....... I know somebody on MCB was looking for one. Will try and remember who and send him this way

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    This is sold

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