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Thread: Gear Bag Sale

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    Gear Bag Sale

    Good morning everyone.

    Same story y'all have heard hundreds of time. With a 2 year old I am playing less and less so I am here to try and sell my stuff. As much as I hate to do it it does not look like I will be more free weekends anytime soon. See below for what I have.

    All prices are OBO, I have been out of the game for a few years so I do not know what everything is worth now a days. If I listed something as too high don't be a dick. PM me and we can work something out.

    Invert Mini - black
    Ape Rampage board installed
    American flag grips (I can't find the originals)
    Normal wear and tear on the body. Airs up and functions no problem
    Also comes with the grip extender to make it roughly the size of an Axe

    Empire Resurrection - Pink (I think)
    Fully stock, no upgrade.
    It was going to be a project gun but then I had a kid
    Airs up and works perfectly. 10/10 cosmetic.
    Price: 125$

    WGP GX-3
    Another custom project that I never got off the ground. It has been micro'd and looks sexy as fuck. I could just never get it running.
    Stock reg
    Eclipse e1 grip
    Jackhammer reg
    everything else is stock except for the bolt, bolt sled, cocking arm
    Feedneck is set for a locking feedneck, but I never put one on.
    I cannot get it shoot, but maybe one of you who is smarter than me can.
    Price: 100$

    Freak barrel kit (cocker threads)
    Comes with..
    Comes with a carbon fiber barrel that the inserts go directly into. There is no front/back of the barrel, just the barrel itself.
    Price: 50$

    Redz Pepper Stick Barrel Kit (cocker threads)
    Comes with....
    Comes with 2 barrel tips. I bought this and then never actually used it. I don't even think I opened it.
    Price: 50$

    Ninja 68/4500 carbon fiber tank
    Comes with cloth cover
    Price: 65$

    Crossfire 30/4500 (I think?)
    Comes with rubber cover
    Price: 50$

    NXE Pod Pack
    holds 4 pods and 1 tank
    Works great
    Includes 4 Pods
    Price: 30$

    The Mini will make a great starter or backup gun. Smooth shooter and easy to maintain.
    The resurrection will make a good starter into mech guns/cockers.

    I'd prefer to as many things together as possible and do not want to part the guns.

    PM me for additional details and pictures. Lets work out a deal.

    EDIT: I actually don't know how to post pictures. PM me for pics
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    PM sent!

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    PM’d - has anyone heard back?
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