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Thread: Huge cockers collection.

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    Lightbulb Huge cockers collection.

    Hi, guys!

    I have no time and ability to keep my great collection. Now it's time to let all this babies go to next happy man.
    I have huge collection of different cockers - from Trilogies to Karni, PE, etc, also I have rare frames, boards, regs, valves.
    Photos of whole collection available by request.
    Main problem - this collection now with me in Russia and I'm not able to travel abroad now. Russian post / DHL / etc not allows to send complete markers abroad. It's possible to send parted markers (without frames), regs, spare parts, but it'll be too expensive to send this babies by two parcel.
    I can try to move some cockers to Estonia (EU), but not sure about it.
    So, if anybody has ability to take whole collection or part of it by cargo or something like this - LMK.

    I only want normal price for rare cockers. Usual ones (Trilogy, ProStock, etc.) will be sold for 1/2 of price or so.
    All guns are untested, AS IS.

    Examples are available here:

    Please PM me if you have ideas how to make a deal.
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    Wow, wish there was a way to ship, you have some beautiful markers

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    Album with all complete cockers I have.

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