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    Top 3

    Hello all...
    It's been years and now I have kids that want to get into paintball...

    I don't want to build anything anymore. Those days are over. I see a bunch of new cockers on the scene. What's the top 3 manufacturers out here now selling new built mech cockers?

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    Inception third I guess.

    I can certainly build you something. I run Cocker Top on Facebook and YouTube.
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    So I have a 13 year old and 12 year old asking to get into paintball, and just took my 13 year old out yesterday. I thought about them starting on autocockers, but honestly as much as I love mine, they’re often too temperamental and external moving parts. I picked up 4 mags for about $300 each (2 Micromags, 1 automag, 1 minimal), sent them out to someone that works on mags to get them teched, and the mag shot perfectly.
    I had 3 cockers (Twister F5, 99 Evo, and 97 BBT mini cocker) all gave me some trouble at one point (chopping paint, leaking ram). The week prior I had my 2 kids shooting targets in the yard with the minimags and automag, and the Evo. Even though both felt like the Evo was more consistent and ‘accurate,’ they preferred the mags since there were no external parts to mess with.
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    As far as Cockers go I really tried not to like them but the Resurrection is really nice for the money. I still use my oldies but for the money you can't go wrong

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    May I suggest looking at the planet eclipse emek? They are the new standard for mechanical markers, in my opinion.

    Outstanding performance for the value, very light and durable.
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