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Thread: Consensus on a BNIB Mini-Orracle value?

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    Consensus on a BNIB Mini-Orracle value?

    Thinking of dumping a few things.... I have a BNIB Mini-Orracle that will likely go. Any thoughts on what I should ask for?

    Ebay seems like it will bring the most $$$. PBN/etc don't seem to garner much autococker attention nowadays.


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    Unfortunately a lot of autococker dealings moved onto Facebook. Average electro oracles catch ~350-400. I would say try listing it at 600 and see what offers come your way?

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    I would post for 6 - would be a shoe-in if it was yellow or red fade. Warm colored WGPs are in right now. I would take 5.5 though.
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