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Thread: BPS F-Series Autococker for sale w/ original packaging.

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    BPS F-Series Autococker for sale w/ original packaging.

    SOLD 02/23/2021 SOLD

    I purchased this F-Series new during the original release. I put together the ultimate parts list and had it assembled by a top cocker tech after anno. I've never shown this marker the field, much less a pod of paint. It literally has sat in a protective marker bag since I got it back. Time to let the storm move on.

    Pictures will speak for themselves. Asking $1950 OBO.

    Full Belsales Front-end
    AKA Finger-groove sidewinder (uncommon)
    PE POPs
    Dye Ultralight Barrels matched
    Tasteful clear to pewter anodizing with purple splash. A true tempest.

    I'm not seeking any trades, just a cash sale.

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    This is gorgeous!!

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    Gaaaah I want that so bad.

    Wish you took trades!

    Hmm what can I sell ��

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