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Thread: Inception midblock build: CCM hammer or Inception hammer

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    Question Inception midblock build: CCM hammer or Inception hammer

    Hello everyone. Iím building an Inception FLE midblock pump with the 11/16th valve. I have all of the parts except for the hammer which Iím determining which one to buy.

    Inception has a midblock hammer that seems to me to be the same size as a slotted standard WGP hammer.

    CCM has their own hammer for their half/midblock markers that are longer.

    Will the CCM hammer work with the Inception body and what is the benefit from the hammer being longer? Is it for the extra weight to replace the loss of weight from the slotting?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    I guess since nobody else has chimed in...

    The longer hammer is indeed for weight. The idea being that a heavier hammer carries more inertia, thus lowering mainspring tension. Lowering pressure and spring tension isn’t as simple as all that; and I have really lost interest in ‘fancy upgrades’ that don’t provide some significant change in operation.

    Run light springs if you want a light stroke. I think any properly sized slotted hammer will suit your needs.

    All that said - I run CCM long hammers in both of my pumps. No good reason for it I think.
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