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Thread: MQ2 Issue.. Playing Skirmish

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    MQ2 Issue.. Playing Skirmish

    My f-ing dragon fly cocker build is driving me NUTS. I changed everything to Autococker parts with a MQ2. Marker ran ok but boarder line hot. My son ran it for over 1 year. Slowely the FPS was creeping higher. At 290bps it was too hot. Changed out the HPR and it was either 360 or 100. Nothing between. Changed the HPR to a new Inception Design. Now I am 340 or 170. Nothing in between. Dropped S.O.N. from 4.0 @ 3.5 it wont shoot but no change on FPS. Help please ! !
    S.O.N. - 4.0
    C.D.E.L. - 14.9
    C.O.N. - 40
    C.T.O. - 1.0
    C.O.F.F. - 33
    Also changed out the MQ2 with another unit. No change. Plus it leaks air 100% of the time.

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    There are too many things going on here to pin down one problem. I recommend starting from scratch using the setup guide:
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    The leaks are fixable, the fps is what has me stumped. I have looked for a white spacer but I don't see it on any of my MQ2s. What am I looking for?

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