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Thread: Old AKA autococker ID?

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    Old AKA autococker ID?

    ​I haven't played since 2014, but just purchased this in a lot with a trilogy and 2004 WGP prostock, all 3 for $50.* Going to sell 2 of the 3 to buy some gear to play a few times on the weekends at a local field, but wanted to figure out what this marker is.* I know it's an AKA Merlin or VLM from a quick google search, but am hoping someone can identify exactly what this is, and it if's stock.* It's got no serial number (is that normal?), no brand names on the frame or pneumatics.* The frame is set up with a super light short trigger pull so I'm assuming it's not your standard WGP slider.* At least I've never felt one adjusted so well.* Bolt and cocking rod look stock AKA.* Cocking rod does have some idiot marks.* HPR looks like older stock WGP.* Body has a few scratches here and there but overall is in really nice shape.* It also came with an old J&J performance barrel that I can't seem to find on google image search.* I don't have any air right now so I can't test for function or leaks.* I'll take it apart and give it a good cleaning and replace orings/re-teflon tape all air connections once I get some air in.* Hoping it still works well.

    What do I have and what is it worth? Thanks!

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    Yes it a AKA Merlin body the S# is on the bottom of the body between the front of the frame and the back of the front block. The pneumatics kit is Palmers (quick switch, Ram, MicroRoc). WGP EGRO reg and a benchmark with a AKA Trigger plate. It most likely has ALA lowers internals and I see a AKA lightning bolt ALU. The feed neck is most likely a press in version before they started threading them. Merlin's are still desirable but it depends on the version and milling. The serial number should look like this ML#000 . The ML= Merlin and the # is the number of that year of production. AKA reset this each year or major change.

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