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Thread: Price Check on Markers / Gear

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    Price Check on Markers / Gear

    Firstly, mods apologize if this is not the correct location for this and or I am not as versed with some of the protocol anymore.

    Secondly, I trust everyone and their loved ones are well during these times. It's been 3+ years since I have been on these beloved forums and 5+ since I last played this beloved sport.

    As such, I am looking to exit the remainder of the stuff I do have.

    I have a ton of gear but in terms of big ticket items, I am trying to get a sense of what these could go for (further apologies if I can't remember the exact name of these items as well / hopefully pix to come in the next few days)

    I am not looking to part pieces but motivated to move everything at my own pace. More than likely once the FS post goes up, I will be adding in a ton of (worthwhile) freebies to seller items ust so I can move all of the gear

    - Boston Paintball TWSTR.. the newer released version. It has a custom twister milled bull barrel and highly customed grip panels made out of heat anodized titanium. Back in the day I was calling this my "Mecha-Godzilla" build. This marker was built by Cfoos for me. It's light gun metal in color. BRAND new never seen the field

    - Empire Axe pro with Inception Barrel Kit and TWSTR body. All matte black but the TWSTR body is gloss black. BRAND new, never seen the field

    I will also include an Exalt Marker Case with this

    - Dye Tie Back (Jeweled by Spider!)
    - Lapto Tightstick
    - Bull barrels
    - Deadlywind CF barrel with Raincover
    - Javelin barrel
    - Freak barrel back

    - Brand new lime green with ice visor VIO mask. It will come with an Exalt Mask Case
    -Various brand new Dye Pod packs. Lime green... still has the six pack plastic... I would sell this as one unit
    - Armadillo headwraps x2. One is a collector item and still in package
    - 2 out of hydro tanks. Are these of any value at all? One of these tanks is a matte black Ninja tank
    - 1x Vents mask, used

    A bunch of odd and ends but will look to include as care packages with sales above. No interest in listing everything - unless someone feels strongly about and item and wants to scoop it up separately


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    Picture / Album link now included

    I forgot to pension that there is also a Pooty Paintball CF barrel in the lot. Also on good condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustMe View Post
    GLWS, nice markers!
    Hey! How are you?

    Everyone: Any idea on what reasonable prices might be on the larger ticketed items? I am not trying to make whatever market prices or expectations are. Whatever is a "fair" sale price.

    I have an idea of what I want for everything and once I reach that range / area everything else will either get thrown in or trashed.

    That said, your pricing guidance is not for everything. I am willing to sell individual items but will not part items already attached to Markers as an example. Everything else is fair game and would be HIGHLY negotiable when I post the FS thread.

    I have been doing more wildlife photography these days. Sharing a recent pic
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