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Thread: FS Thread. Markers and Gear

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    FS Thread. Markers and Gear

    Morning everyone.

    See below for FS thread of the last of my paintball items.

    Added more pictures:

    Prices are as follows and do not include shipping
    Everything seen $2,250


    TWSTR Autococker, brand new. Has never seen the field. Has never been aired up by me after being built and tested by CFoos.

    Comes with: It will include original box, custom milled bull barrel, bag, and stubby freak barrel with tip

    Axe Pro (definitely older version), brand new. Has never been aired up or seen field play.

    Comes with: Original box, original barrel, original grip, Axe Pro barrel set, and Exalt Marker bag


    Spire Hopper. ($100) Used. Will come with speed loader

    VIO Paintball mask. Brand new. Comes with ice / blue lens and Exalt mask bag. ($125)

    Other mask (can't remember the name). Used ($25)

    Shocktech 45 degree frame. Mint condition. ($125)

    Airsoft tactical vest. Used. ($25)

    Armigilo Dreaded Headwrap (limited edition). New. ($35)

    Ninja Paintball CF tank. Used. Needs to be re-hydrod. Born date of 08/13. Exalt tank bag will be included


    Deadlywind CF barrel with CF raincover and DW barrel bag. New. ($100)

    Dye Titantium Barrel back. Jeweled and freaked. Barrel front will be included. Mint condition ($150)

    Javelin Barrel. Great condition. ($50)

    Pooty Paintbal CF barrel. New. ($30)

    Lapco Tightstick. Used. ($30)

    Did I miss anything? Items without pictures (mostly small goods) let me know if there is any interest and you want bundled like Dye Paintball pods etc.

    Thanks and hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday.

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    All items have been sold. Thanks.

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