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Thread: WGP Worrlock for Sale

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    WGP Worrlock for Sale

    I'm not sure if anyone still sells markers here, but I thought I would post this here first just in case. It will be on other sites soon.

    Up for sale is a restored WGP Worrlock marker. This one has a history here already. Stock WGP internals, mostly original parts with the addition of 05 Black Magic HPR on a vertical Worrlock front block, new inception ram, POPS ASA, T-slot milled e-grip and Freak bored Kaner teardrop barrel. I don't think the WGP vertical feed neck was original to the marker, but it was on it when I got it over a decade ago and it's a nice upgrade.

    Recent gloss black anno job from Blizzard is immaculate except for one small ding in the top of the 12" barrel back. Comes with an extra .689 14" unbored WGP Kaner barrel that is not anodized to match yet.

    Everything works, recently aired up fired and had no leaks, but it may need some minor o-ring work if you plan on playing with it. No dead LEDs in board.

    Price $600 plus $15 shipping in continental US only.

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    Good luck with sale. I am having to consider letting a few go as well for a hospital bill.

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    What a beautiful piece of history. If I had the money I'd scoop it up from you in a heartbeat but unfortunately I'm broke and bought too many old markers lately. Good luck with your sale.
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