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Thread: Bulldog's WTB list; 1st gen MacDev, BPS Twister

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    Bulldog's WTB list; 1st gen MacDev, BPS Twister

    *BPS Twister - VF with ultralite "clamshell" milling
    *MacDev Sonic cocker - old style with matching ANS slider frame

    If it's drilled for eyes or an electro, I don't want it unless it's an Eclipse Scorpion.

    Other parts I am looking for:

    *AKA Nickel Lightning bolt - 99 length and LEFT FEED ONLY
    *ANS quickfire frame in black
    *Belsales gas through grip - Green only
    *Dye boomstick - black/blue acid wash (KAPP style)
    *Kapp slider frame - black/blue acid wash
    *Slider frames in green/silver acid wash and red/orange acid wash
    *WGP ribbed barrels - came on the old WGP cockers and snipers
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    Might as well throw in a Aurora Eclipse on your list! Nice wants however! I like Wolf's Tequila sunrise Bonebrake. Kinda what your looking for?

    Good Luck.


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    To bad you weren't looking for a left feed twister lol

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