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Thread: Autococker Parts- Freeflow Lotus, Shocktech, Eclipse

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    Autococker Parts- Freeflow Lotus, Shocktech, Eclipse

    I have some parts for sale today. Add $7 for priority shipping or $4 for first class.
    Album with more pics

    Top to bottom, left to right:

    Red autococker body- 6/10 condition. Significant scratches on feedneck (covered with stickers)- $60
    Chrome slider- smooth trigger pull- $75
    CCM feedneck- $25
    Shocktech on/off ASA- $25
    Black low rise feedneck w/red lever- $20
    Dust silver Eclipse reg- $50
    Chrome black magic reg- $30
    Dust black Freeflow Lotus back block- $35 (not a perfect fit with the milling)
    Freeflow Lotus body- REAR GRIP FRAME SCREW IS HELICOILED, but nicely done. Includes CCM bolt, WGP lowers, raw back block (matches milling), 1 dust black back block (not a perfect match with the milling), WGP feedneck, and raw front block- $250
    CP rail- $10
    Empire mini rail- $10

    Helicoil on Lotus:

    CCM bolt has some wear:

    Set up the lotus in this configuration for $350:
    WTB: Gen 2 and Gen 3 SFL Autocockers

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