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Thread: what oring kit to get for large starter kit, service multiple markers

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    what oring kit to get for large starter kit, service multiple markers

    Hi all - pardon what feels a very newbish Q

    I have a fair amount of cocker cross my hands --- from buyouts, from friends looking for tech help. For simplicity let's assume it's all the more-common WGP stuff late 90s to late 2000s

    I've never completely teched/tuned a cocker and decided it's time to give it a shot. I understand the basics and am comfortable teching other marker types (dye/eclipse/BL)

    1. I need orings. Is a larger ebay kit going to cover me across multiple markers, the various reg types, oddball parts etc? Any sizes I should "double down" for inventory, EG it looks like I may need a lot of 003s?
    2. Is anyone around here still selling kits that would be a better bet? EG. I believe 'magGot' was but he's inactive. I do have piles of DYE sized orings 006-017, but I think those are no use here...
    3. This first marker I'll do is a cobra body, ANS IVG, rat valve, tickler/orracle front pneus, BM reg. It's all here in a pile of parts. See #1... anything extra I'll need? Doing a Nightkast right after that one.

    Thanks gents
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