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Thread: The (almost) complete (getting there) list (well its long) of cockers

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    The (almost) complete (getting there) list (well its long) of cockers

    After being pointed to a list elsewhere of markers, I decided why not start an attempt here to help poor K with his cocker guide. after pulling up my little list and adding a few to it, I stopped at just over 200, and know theres a few more i can add. Take a look at it and add as many more as you can or suggest changes. once we get a good list i'll condense it and add it to the articles section. Formatting doesn't look great since its a spreadsheet.

    125 Customs Ultralite Cocker (limited)
    32* 32* Prococker
    32* 32* vert feed
    32* rf (three slots on bottom)
    32* Vert feed (triangle side)

    Aaron K. Alexander Custom
    Action Markers Illusion
    Action Markers Illusion Pro
    Action Markers Illusion Pro Stockclass
    Action Markers Illusion Shatner edition
    Advanced Concepts Kits
    AIM AIM04 Seth
    AIM AIM17 Swift
    AIM AIM18+ Crow
    AIM AIM21 Eagle
    Air Challenger M-1
    AKA Black Widow
    AKA Merlin
    AKA Merlin Roundbody
    AKA VLM Factory milled
    Alien Airworx
    ANS ANS LE Gen X
    ANS ANS Super X
    ANS Gen X
    ANS Gen X 3
    ANS Gen X 4
    ANS Gen X 5
    ANS X-5E
    ANS Skanline I-Rokz
    APL Commemorative

    BBT Stage 1
    BBT Stage 2
    BBT Stage 3
    BBT westwood
    Belsales Evo X
    Belsales Evolution
    Belsales Evolution Jetstream
    Belsales Evolution Supernova
    Belsales Evolution XE
    Belsales Last of the Millennium
    Belsales Predator
    Biohazard Biohazard
    Bob Long autococker
    Bob Long Signature Series
    Bonebrake Bonebrake Pro Series
    Bonebrake Custom
    Boston Paintball Supply Express
    Boston Paintball Supply twister (clamshell/sunrise)
    Boston Paintball Supply Twister (lite)
    Boston Paintball Supply twister (straight)
    Brad Nestle (PBMAXX, Olympic) custom
    Brad Nestle (PBMAXX, Olympic) Sniper SHO
    Brian Ward (C&W paintball) Custom
    Bulldog Paintball Bulldog Cocker
    Bullseye Colossal
    Bullseye custom
    Bullseye Titan

    Carter Custom
    Carter Sniper
    CCM CCM Merlin
    CCM J2
    CCM Series 5
    CCM Series 6
    CCM Ss-25
    Centerflag Centerflag Series
    Check-it Dragon
    Check-it Pro Series
    Chris Cole Honeycomb
    Chris Cole Sig Series
    Chris Cole Voodoo
    Cooper T Imp kit sniper converison

    Dan Debone Custom
    David Slane (Turtles Toybox) Custom
    David Slane (Turtles Toybox) Twin Ram conversion
    Demon Guns (Mark Jacobs) Custom
    DFOX Apex type II
    Dirk Gadberry (Innovative Marketing) Custom
    Disruptive Pro Cut
    Disruptive Ultimate Disruptor
    Dive Rat (?) Custom
    Doc Nickel Custom
    Doc Nickel Fastback
    Doc Nickel Vee Twin
    Dragon Designs Wraith
    Dragun Dragonfly LCD
    Dragun Dragonfly LED
    Dragun Drallion
    Dye Dye
    Dye Reflex
    Dye Ultralite

    Eaton Ripper
    Eaton/White Wolf Ripper (convertible)
    Eclipse Aurora
    Eclipse DC1
    Eclipse DC2
    Eclipse Splash
    Eclipse Splash STO
    Eclipse Factory series
    Eclipse FT series
    Eclipse Nexus
    Eclipse Pro-series
    Eyeball Engeineering Eyeball

    Fear Factory Custom
    Fireball Mountain apache
    Fireball Mountain blank
    Fireball Mountain cobra
    Fireball Mountain Gothic (spiked)
    Fireball Mountain Gothic (spiked, milled through)
    Fireball Mountain Gothic (unspiked)
    Fireball Mountain Gothic (unspiked, milled through)
    Fireball Mountain graveyard
    Fireball Mountain half assed
    Fireball Mountain original
    Fireball Mountain rayzor
    Fireball Mountain razor
    Fireball Mountain spiderweb
    Fireball Mountain teardrop
    Fireball Mountain vampyre
    Fireball Mountain voodoo
    Flag station Mongoose
    Florida Paintball Center (John Gross) Custom
    Folda Magic
    Folda MF-1
    Folda MF-2
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Boxxer
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Custom
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Fulcrum
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Lotus
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Millinium
    Freeflow (Pro Paintball) Rythem

    Hybrid technologies Quest
    Hybrid technologies Rival

    I&I Sports Super cocker

    Jack Withers Custom
    Jackal Custom
    Jackal Phase 2
    Jackal Phase 3
    Jackal RDL
    Jay Wonderly (PB Sports) Custom
    JCM custom
    JMJ concepts Custom
    JMJ concepts Kryptonite
    JMJ concepts Kryptonite F-5
    JMJ concepts Kryptonite F-5 Morlock
    JMJ concepts Merlin Featherlite

    Kapp Flame
    Kapp Kapp
    Kapp KXS
    KAPP Razorback
    KAPP Reflex
    Ken C Catapult
    KPCS Custom
    KPCS G-10
    KPCS Ma Deuce
    KPCS Scout
    KPCS Ma Deuce A
    Krusher paintball Krusher
    Krusher paintball Krusher lite

    Mac Dev Sonic
    Mac Dev Sonic E-Racer
    Mad Cocker Darkside
    Mag MagRacer
    Martin Paintball MiniBlock
    Meteor Jetstream
    Meteor Meteor
    MF2 Micrococker
    Mikes Custom Paintball Sin
    Mikes Custom Paintball X-treme
    Murder Inc MI Orracle

    Odyssey O3M
    OTP G-1

    P&P Cold Fusion
    P&P Cold Fusion Uprising
    P&P E series Supercocker
    P&P E series Supercocker LE
    P&P LE Super
    P&P Supercocker
    P&P Custom
    Paintball and More Awful Cocker
    Paintball Headquarters Custom
    Paintball Inc/Shocktech Vortex
    Paintball Paradise Super Sniper
    Palmer Custom
    Palmer sleeper
    Palmer Ultra Mini Cocker w/ Full cosmetics
    Palmer Ultra Mini Cocker
    PBX PBX autorocker
    PGI Firestorm
    PGI Osiris
    PMS Mark 1
    PMS Mark 2
    PMS Mark 3
    Powerlyte FON/PL Merlin
    Powerlyte Hybrid
    Psycho Ballistics Lightning
    Psycho Ballistics Superbolt
    Psycho Sports Custom
    PTP F/x Micrococker
    PTP F/x Sleeper
    PTP F/x STO
    PTP F/x Autococker Competition
    Punisher Custom

    Racegun Halfblock
    Revelation Tribulation
    Rex Paintball M-1
    Rex Paintball M-2
    Robert Long Delrin
    Robert Long Turtlecocker
    Rocky Mountain Paintball Custom
    Roughneck Demonic
    Rudy Dean Rudy V1
    Rudy Dean Rudy V2
    Rudy Dean Rudy V3
    RX paintball RX-5

    Sandridge F-5 Tiny Tornado
    Sandridge Sandridge
    Sandridge Custom
    Shocktech Hookups V1
    Shocktech Hookups V2
    Shocktech SFL 2000
    Shocktech SFL 2001
    Shocktech SFL 2002
    Shocktech SFL 2003
    Shocktech SFL Aftershock series
    Shocktech SFL Cash Money series
    Shocktech SFL Tremor series
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Cobra
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Cobra Turbocharged
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Custom
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Fatboy Graveyard
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Fatboy series
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Fishbone
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Fishbone Turbocharged
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Yin yang
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Yin yang Turbocharged
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball yin yang/fishbone combo
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Warped Monkey II
    Spanky/Ontario Paintball Warped Monkey
    Spearhead Spearhead
    Splat Attack Revenge V1
    Splat Attack Revenge V2
    Splat Attack Revenge V2 LE
    Splat Attack Revenge V3
    Swift Line (custom) Skip Swift
    Syndicate Jinx
    System -X autococker
    System -X Special edition type X
    System -X Type X
    System -X Type Z
    System -X Vengance
    System -X Vengance 2.0
    System -X Vengance 4.0
    System -X Vengance Attitude
    System -X Xonik

    Tarantula Custom
    TASO Taso Signature Series
    TCP Xtreme Custom
    TCP Xtreme TCP Xtreme
    TCP Xtreme TCP Xtreme Ultralite
    Tri State Twister Custom
    Tx Tuning Sledgehammer

    Vortex Paintball Vortex
    Vu Hoang Custom

    Warhammer Custom
    Warped sportz Dark (dark body)
    Warped sportz Dark (freeflow body)
    Warped sportz Dark (P&P body)
    Warped sportz Dark (Works body)
    Warped sportz LA Z-force
    Western Paintball Inc Western Series
    WGP 2000 Autococker
    WGP 2k+ STO
    WGP 97 Autococker
    WGP 97 STO
    WGP 98 Autococker
    WGP 98 STO
    WGP 98 STO Limited edition
    WGP 99 STO
    WGP 99 STO Mini
    WGP Black Magic
    WGP Black Magic (First run/sometimes called texas storm)
    WGP Black Magic 2005
    WGP Body Kits (multiple versions)
    WGP Flatline
    WGP Jeff Orr Signature Blackout
    WGP Jeff Orr Signature series V1
    WGP Jeff Orr Signature series V2
    WGP Jeff Orr Signature series V3
    WGP Jeff Orr Signature series X-out
    WGP Karnivor
    WGP Karnivor Midblock Sniper
    WGP Minicocker
    WGP Nex (never marketed by WGP)
    WGP Nightcast
    WGP Orracle
    WGP outkast
    WGP Prostock
    WGP Sniper 1
    WGP Sniper 1 (62cal)
    WGP Sniper 2
    WGP Sniper 3
    WGP SR
    WGP Superstock
    WGP Trilogy
    WGP Trilogy Pro
    WGP Trilogy Tactical
    WGP Vertibrate
    WGP Vertibrate Warp feed
    WGP VF Tactical
    WGP Worrlock
    Whitewolf Custom
    Wildside Custom
    Wildside Wildfire
    Works Works
    Works/AKA Works (merlin)

    X-treme Paintball JRX

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    Pics of My Collection of 60+ rare and oddball cockers.

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    in case i need it
    Pics of My Collection of 60+ rare and oddball cockers.

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    what is the wgp BOSS, and was there a murder inc bm

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    hmm, don't know about an MI black magic, after the orracle MI was pretty sour with WGP. the WGP BOSS is the Budd Orr Signature Series. they were WGP's first attempt in trying to put out a higher end cocker. very limited run, more of a commeritive then serious contender.

    Pics of My Collection of 60+ rare and oddball cockers.

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    my mistake, it was the mi orracle

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    Ok,now we need pics to match. I know you own like half of those
    My girlfriend told me if I dont quit talking about paintball, she is gong to leave. Does that mean I can start sleeping with my gun in the bed again ????


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    Very nice, and a great thanks to you wolf13..
    I know how much research and time went into creating such a list. (well, for the average guy, that was problably off the top of your head)

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    we might be able to do something about pics. I've owned less then 15% of those i'd guess, but i have pics of maybe 80% so maybe we can do something in the future when I move it to the articles section. for now though, I'd like to concentrate on putting the list together. for instance, how far to break things down; like the trilogies, the various ripper patterns, twisters etc where they are nearly identical with a few cosmetic tweaks. Include the semi compatable clones (drallions)? the snipers? Also, make sure i don't have any errors, the ones i added today were kind of rushed.

    as far as time went, maybe 45 minutes over the course of the day filling in the wgp's, the cheap clones, the e-cockers and later companies etc. the higher end and older stuff I already mostly had.
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    Pics of My Collection of 60+ rare and oddball cockers.

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    just a few to add to the list, should you feel it warranted:

    ANS GXE (race frame version of the the GX 4)

    Eclipse Pro Series (had the intergrated FRM [front reg mount] instead of just the ASA & a seperate front block)
    Eclipse FT series (was the pro-series with an E2 trigger frame & the smaller Eclipse "dart" LPR, released only in Europe... I have pictures from their 2005 catalogue of it)

    *note: the Z-force is a warped sports "LA" cocker & was never allowed to be considered a warped gun. probably worth detailing at a later date

    WGP Hybrid (60 made) nicknamed "the black out" cocker by store owners & players alike

    WGP Jeff Orr Signature series (series 1 & series 2)

    that's all I got for now


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    The blackout was the first run of Jeff Orr Custom markers and was called that by WGP. All the boxes said Jeff Orr Custom on them and that's been continued with the remainder of the series. The initial plan was to make 60 of each every month with slight changes to milling each month, but sales weren't high enough to warrant the changes on a monthly basis, so a new series was made every 3-4 months or so.

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