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Thread: RE-Flash you board

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    RE-Flash your ZeroB or E2 board

    News!!!! I'm no longer providing this service I have moved the programmer to another member "Sprayed8" I do not know I he will be providing the service for free.

    As of today 11-3-2014 PE has gave me another 100 flashes.

    • E2 1.10 (USA)
    • E2 1.20 (USA latest)
    • E2 1.22 (Europe version to comply with rules)
    • ZeroB 1.10 (same as E2 1.10 but for the narrow screen)
    • ZeroB 1.20 (same as E2 1.20 but for the narrow screen)

    Price is FREE for elite members only! ONLY ONE per person now that I only have 100 flashes. Or one flash every 6 months. If you are a "for profit" business then the cost will be $20+sh per flash.

    I will try to reflash the boards the same day I get them on that day also, but My REAL job keeps me busy during the summer.
    If you board frys during the reflash its on you. I will not replace or pay for damaged boards. Free always comes with a risk!

    How to:

    • PM me what you want done (NO MORE THAN 1 Board at a time and one per member)
    • When you send your board to me include on typed paper:
      • your real name & CC name
      • A return address LABLE (free at USPS)
      • What firmware you want

    • Return shipping $$$ ($6.00 for USPS FR small box)
    • I will reuse your packing material. so do a good job
    • I sugest using USPS Small Flat Rate box (free)

    I can also do minor repairs to your board like re-soder of batt connectors etc, PM me on this for pricing.

    NOTE: UPDATING FIRMWARE IS AT YOUR ON RISK. If your board gets fried or comes to me fired I will not replace it.

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    E2: version 0.24 Semi and classic only. Better trigger filters, and easier to understand eye settings. Sear and bolt delay times are now adjusted by the 1/10th of an ms. This was the first version with an LCD screen.

    Zero-B board: An upgrade for the E1, same settings, and features as the E2 0.24 board. The screen is physically the same size as an E2 screen, but because of the smaller window in the E1 frame, less of it is used.

    E2 version 1.10 Ramping is added, but Sear times are now limited to 4ms or lower, and bolt delay is now limited to over 4.1ms. Same filters and such as the 0.24 version.

    Zero B 1.10 Same as the E2 1.10, but crammed into a smaller display area.

    1.10 modes:

    • Semi
    • Classic
    • PSP
    • Millenium
    • CFOA

    E2 version 1.20 same settings and limits as the 1.10 version, but they renamed the fire modes and added a capped semi mode.

    Zero B 1.20 same as the E2 1.20 but with a smaller display area.

    1.20 modes: The last US version

    • Semi 1 uncapped
    • Semi 2 capped at 15bps,
    • Classic mode

    • Ramp 1 (PSP) - capped at 15bps, ramps after 3 semi shots, ramp activation speed = 5bps. Ramping will reset after 1 second. If you stop pulling the trigger, but start pulling it again *within* 1 second, it will continue to ramp - you won't need to fire 3 shots in semi first.

    • Ramp 2 (Original Millennium) - capped at 15bps, ramps after 3 shots in semi, ramp activation speed = 5bps. Ramping resets as soon as you stop pulling the trigger, so you will always need to shoot 3 shots in semi before it ramps.

    • Ramp 3 (New Millennium) - capped at 15bps, ramps after 3 shots in semi, ramp activation speed = 7.5bps. Ramping resets as soon as you stop pulling the trigger, so you will always need to shoot 3 shots in semi before it ramps.

    • Basically, old Millennium mode was PSP mode without the one second delay on the ramp reset. The new Millennium mode is the same as the old, but with a higher activation rate. This was required due to a change in the rules for the '05 Millennium tournaments.

    E2 v1.23 (Basically the same as 1.20 but WITHOUT ramping (for European countries where it's illegal to use ramp-modes)
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    [As of today 8-14-2014 the firmware updater software has stopped working. The software has a limit or date limit on it. So now when I try to update firmware is flashed "license expired". I will try to work this out with PE
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    UPDATE 9/29/2014

    PE has made a decision to reload my programmer with another 100 flashes. Ill need to send it back to them to reset it. So for the 2 boards I have here for members it will be another month.

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    I didnt know PE was involved or you had got their permission. Keep up the good work

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    good news, it's really awesome that you're doing this, and nice to see they don't mind.
    Rest easy my brother, Gone but not forgotten.

    Pittsburgh Penguins <3
    Pump <3

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    Wow, you have like Chris Farley in black sheep kinda luck.

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    Hey Doc, let us know how much it costs to ship the box back and forth. I will include a buck or two extra in my payment and if everyone else does it would make you 100 bucks and that should cover the shipping/time for you.

    I have 2 boards to send you.. I know you said 1 person and thats fine but in case one fries the other hopefully will survive.

    Please let us know when it gets back to you.

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    Just what does the re flash do for your board?

    Is it only for e2 and zero b? Nothing for e1?

    Do these boards develope issues, maybe not completely stop working and the re flash cures issues? Or does it just allow you to change the version?

    Is PE stopping the re flash completely after this next 100?

    Or can you re up the license every 100 flashes?

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    Let me know when you are able to accept boards again. Have one set aside waiting to be flashed

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    Can only reflash E2 and Zero B

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