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Thread: Nemesis Pre-order - Open 10/07/13 to 11/07/13

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    Nemesis Pre-order - Open 10/07/13 to 11/07/13

    Welcome to the Nemesis Pre-order thread! Open 10/07/13 to 11/07/13.
    Niche Paintball is proud to present the all new "Nemesis" mechanical semi-automatic paintball marker.

    Based off of the tried and true design of the auto cocker platform, the Nemesis is 100% designed, hand built, anodized, & finished in the USA. We've upped the bar on the definition of custom milled. Each Nemesis marker begins life as a raw block of aluminum, which is then taken by our master machinist Rob Lane (CC's own "Metalmover") and milled into a perfectly straight blank. The blanks are then individually milled on a 4-axis cnc machine to our exacting standards. Along with the body, every other part on this marker has received the Niche Paintball custom treatment. Obsessive? Maybe. Good for you? Definitely.

    There were only 30 Nemesis bodies were made (up to 5 midblocks are possible if requested), and we have no plans, or desire, to make these again. Claim yours while they last!

    *CCM 2K+ Pump kit not included.

    Nemesis Specifications:

    - Body kit - body, back block, vasa, front block.
    - 86 degree single trigger slide frame. (internals & alum grip panels included)
    - 7.5" barrel back (freak style) 6.5" barrel front
    - High flow brass valve
    - "Wavy" Hammer
    - Titanium threaded IVG
    - Titanium pump rod
    - Titanium cocking rod
    - Clamping feedneck (aka thread)
    - Nemesis 3-way
    - Nemesis Hpr & Lpr
    - Nemesis ram
    - Detent
    - Banjo bolts made by Addicted2dunes
    - Bead Blasting by Anaml
    - Packaging design by Trustme
    - *On/Off ASA not included
    * All parts custom milled in house unless specified. Thank you to the other customcockers members for your help in bringing this project together.

    Price Structure:
    We have a two tier pricing structure to accommodate custom anodizing requests.

    1) Base Price: $1000.00
    - Includes: Fully built Nemesis + two tone gloss/dust single color anodizing + initial build/tuning.
    - Color Choices: Black, Clear, Yellow, or Red.
    - Base markers will be going to Danco or ATMF (at our discretion).
    - 20% refundable deposit to claim a marker during pre-order.

    2) Custom Price: $1000 + Custom Anodizing cost
    - Niche Paintball will act in a concierge function for anyone who wishes to have their marker custom anodized.
    - Custom Anodizing theme & cost will be decided between you and the anodizer of your choice.
    - 40% non-refundable deposit of base price to claim a marker during pre-order.
    - *Please remember! on/off is not included. We can purchase one for you (pass through cost) or you can send yours to us.
    Please disassemble your On/Off asa before sending it in. *$10 fee will be added if we have to do it for you.

    Suggested Custom Anodizers:
    Caustic Customs (dynastypballa on CC)
    F/X Anodizing
    Ano-Tech Metal Finishing
    Precision Powder (powder coat)

    Pre-Order Directions:

    1) PM me to claim a marker. Please include the following:

    2) Choose Base or Custom Ano.
    If you choose Base, please include your stock color choice as well. (Black, Clear, Yellow, or Red)

    3) Choose Payment method: Paypal or USPS Money Order only.
    Paypal payable to:
    ** Send payments as a "Service", since we are not shipping anything yet**
    USPS MO: I will provide instructions via pm.

    4) Once I receive your PM, I will give you the green light to send the deposit.
    Deposit amounts: Base - $200 (refundable) or Custom - $400 (non-refundable).

    *Serial numbers are given out on a first come first served basis, with respect to when deposits are received.
    Your serial number is not linked to when you pm me, but when I receive your deposit. Once I receive your PM, I'll give you the green light to send payment.

    5) For those of you who choose Custom Anodizing, I will be in continual contact with you over the next month to help you choose a theme, get in contact with your chosen anodizer, and oversee the finishing of your individual marker. Once the pre-order period is closed, all parts will be shipped to their relative anodizers at one time.

    * Please Note *
    This is a pre-order only. We estimate a minimum of 2-3 months after the pre-order period for actual delivery.
    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you for your patience. We hope you are as excited as we are.

    Pre-Order List:
    1) rschoi_75 - Custom - NA
    2) metalmover - Custom - NA
    3) cougar20th - Custom - NA
    4) Anaml - Base - NA
    5) Trustme - Base (yellow) - NA
    6) cfos00 - Base (black) - Paid in Full
    7) Fearless_Leader - Custom - Deposit received
    8) haxorwear - Custom (F/X) - Deposit received
    9) Wedge - Custom (F/X) - $800 received
    10) kjcent - Base (clear) - Deposit received
    11) honculada - Base (black) - Deposit received
    12) Kwik175 - Custom - Deposit received
    13) Skinnyfatguy - Custom - Deposit received
    14) pnt8ballplyr - Base - Deposit received
    15) splat15k - Base (Clear) - Deposit received.
    16) Docfire - Base (Clear) - Paid in full
    17) tolar250 - Base (Red) - Deposit received
    18) MaToCa - Custom (F/X) - Deposit received
    19) evil_racecocker - Base (clear) Deposit received
    20) Sean_Chip - Base (black) - Deposit received
    21) Kvorkian - Base (clear) - Deposit received
    22) Riddler - Base (Clear) - Deposit received
    23) nizz - Base (Red) - Deposit received
    24) Jebus - Custom (F/X) - Deposit received
    25) CrazyCat - Custom - Deposit received
    26) Wedge (2) - Base - Deposit received
    27) Soap502 - Base (Black) - Deposit received
    28) Bugman - Base (Red) - Deposit received
    29) rschoi_75 - Base - *Back up just in case we have a loss during ano.
    30) player4real07 - Custom - Deposit received.


    Color Renderings:
    * Please note that we are going with a two tone dust/gloss effect, so these pictures are not 100% accurate in regards to the finish.




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    Thumbs up

    First! Well kind of...

    Just wanted to say great work guys... glad to see this moving along and I am quite sure that all 30 slots will fill quickly.

    Kudos to all of you.

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    Wedge here! Count me in! Pm coming


    And I gotta add, amazing price as well for a one off fully custom marker! I honestly was expecting a much higher price tag!
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    Pm coming also

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    In, sending deposit, black please

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    Did you hear back from Rich, Cfos00? I didn't hear back yet, so I didn't send my deposit?


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    No, but I sent mine over. Figured he's busy but wouldn't mind. Got a little excited there

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    Lol, it's cool, I was getting excited too! I've been waiting patiently, debating wether to send the deposit or not. I'm sure Rich posted the thread, then went to bed. I'm sure he'll get to me/us in a timely fashion.


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    I want one so badly but there's no way I can swing one this close to the holidays.

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    Any chance of getting one raw and unassembled?

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