Named after its founders Keith and Steve Belsey; Belsales Performance opened in 1989 as a small paintball shop in England. They quickly became Worr Game’s representative in England and were one of the first factory authorized service centers. In 1994 Belsales took the initiative and launched their “Evolution” autococker.

The Evolutions had the distinction of being the first non WGP line to receive full warrantee from WGP despite many novel advancements like threaded timing rods, the reverse P block, wire ball detents and cosmetic milling and later innovations such as the REX kit, twister externally adjustable sledgehammer, and angry 3-way. Belsales quickly earned two reputations, the first for meticulous perfection, the other for being a mostly stock over priced stock cocker. These reputations came about due to Belsales use of hand matched parts and outright rejection of bodies and parts that didn’t meet their standards. The standard anno was grey, but commonly came in a variety of splash colors. Belsales also made a strategic alliance with Smart Parts as its US distributor that would cause some variations between the US and UK models (Despite common misconception, Smart Parts never manufactured the Evolution, they solely served as US distributors). In the UK, three Evolution variants were produced with a varying level of accessories (Evolution, Evolution Jetstream and Evolution Supernova). The US version was equivalent to the top end Supernova, however came with a SP barrel and Max-Flo compressed air system.

In 1995 the UK Predators (top UK team and a solid world contender) agreed to switch to shooting autocockers and the Belsales Predator series was born. Early Predator cockers were built off left feed Evolution bodies anodized in the Predators trademark green and only later took on the signature milling and engraving of the line. Unlike the Evolution series, Belsales US distributor for the Predator series was WGP themselves.

In 1999 Belsales ended their 90’s cocker lines with the limited edition “Last of the Millennium” series. The Predator Series was discontinued and the Evolution series was replaced by the Evolution X series. The Evo X series, as they came to be known, featured a number of new components including roller sears, rams and later hinge frames, eblades and race frames and anodizing options were limited to fades. Eclipse and Belsales would collaborate on many of the parts with Belsales designing and producing such Eclipse parts as the Magnum rams.

In 2005 Belsales and Eclipse ended their partnership due to Smart Parts increasing focus on their own products.

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