One of the best known names when it comes to Autocockers is Freeflow, the product line of the shop Professional Paintball and airsmith Ethan Steiner. Started in 1990 in Victor, New York by members of team Lockout, the shop over the years started offering custom work and performance enhancements on autocockers. Lockouts rise to prominence in the mid and late 90’s helped fuel the Freeflow line, and by 2000 the body lines had been standardized from ’98, ’99, 2000 to Boxxer, Fulcrum and Millennium with the Lotus added in 2002 and the Rhythm in 2003. Besides the standard series, Freeflow also offered a Lockout version; which featured the same options as the team guns Lockout used including stiff arbor honing, true boring, wire detents and the lockout jewels. Perhaps most notable was the lifetime warrantee Pro was willing to offer on its products.

While Lockout lacked the bad boy image of teams like Aftershock, Fusion and All A’s; Ethan and Pro Paintball proved to attract a fair share of controversy and criticism. Right from the start of adopting the name FreeFlow, Pro Paintball drew accusations of hype. The free flow concept was to reduce the cocking pressure to the lowest possible point, using any means to reduce friction possible. To accomplish this, Freeflow used stiff arbor honing to polish the body tubes and true boring to line up the bolt and barrel. Although controversial, they proved to be popular options for custom orders. Ethan was also an early adopter of new technology, often on the front edge of cocker technology including being an early adopter of the use of QEV's. By far the most controversial Freeflow product though proved to be the tungsten carbide hammers released in 2002. Besides drawing fire for the claims of efficiency, reports soon surfaced of excessive wear and damage to bodies from the harder then normal hammers. By 2004 Freeflow was drawing intense criticism over the damage and requests were made for Freeflow to replace damaged bodies.

As well as producing their own lines of cockers and offering them both as complete guns and as body kits and producing their own line of parts; Pro also produced guns for other companies. In 2000 and 2001 Freeflow produced a line of Dark Cockers using the freeflow "Teardrop" line for Warped Sportz which ended before the 2002 line due to Freeflow’s growing involvement with the Racegun electro frames in 2001. These guns used a combination of FreeFlow and stock parts to create a budget line, although FreeFlow was willing to fully warrantee them. In 2002 Pro teamed with Roughneck Paintball to create the Demonic Series of cockers. Featuring complex milling and a verity of options, the standard version was a bargain Raced version for $1000, well below comparable competitors of the time. Unlike the Dark series and their own series, the Demonic’s were a very short lived line with only about a dozen produced. Freeflow also produced the Image Series cockers for Team Image.

As the popularity of the autococker started to decline, Freeflow began to discontinue body lines like the fulcrum in 2003 while moving into other gun lines like the matrix. In 2004 Professional Paintball was sold to Craig Borncamp and in 2005 Professional Paintball closed its doors. Although a large amount of stock remained to be sold off through secondary means, Professional Paintball and Freeflow ceased as an operating company.

The base model Free Flow had the following options at a MSRP of $849.00:

  • Gloss Anodizing - Solid Color
  • Right or Left Hand Feed
  • Nickel Bullet Custom LCP 3-way
  • Nickel STO Ram
  • Nickel Rock Regulator
  • Custom Low Cycling Pressure Free Flow Internals (cycles at an amazing 40 - 45 psi)
  • Free Flow Bolt w/ Integrated Stainless Push Pin
  • Wire Style Beavertail
  • Custom Mini Front and Rear Block
  • Widened threaded Timing Rod and Coupler (Stainless)
  • Chrome Gas Block Screw
  • Professional Aluminum 45 Frame w/ Polished trigger internals and lightened trigger action
  • Rubber finger groove grips
  • WDP in-line regulator w/ macro line
  • Bottom line Setup
  • DYE Stainless Boomstick (14 inch, standard bore, anodized to match gun color)

COLORS AVAILABLE: Black, Titanium, Red, Blue, Forest, Silver, and Gun Metal Gray

The Free Flow Lockout Edition came with the following features and a MSRP of $1290.00:

  • Center Feed Main body
  • Super Tight Trigger job with Custom Made 3- way valve (matched to gun)
  • Stiff Arbor Honed Main body for the smoothest possible cocking action (activates at 30 psi)
  • Mirror Polished and Coated Internals (for internal reliability, consistency, and trigger feel)
  • 2 DYE Boomsticks (14 inch, .686 and .690 bore diameters, anodized to match gun)
  • New Impulse Rear Block And Bolt for uncompromisingly high repeatable accuracy at long range
  • Nickel Rock Regulator with knob
  • Wire style Beavertail
  • Custom Mini Front and Rear Block
  • Widened Threaded Timing Rod and Coupler (Stainless)
  • Chrome Gas Block Screw
  • DYE Sticky Grips (Black)
  • Black Ice Regulator
  • Pro-connect to open air fitting

COLORS AVAILABLE Black, Titanium, Red, Blue, Forest, Silver, and Gun Metal Gray